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Competition Results
BBC CUP (Scratch Matchplay) Final: Pete Rees vs Nuno Pinho Winner: Pete Rees 21:12 BBC SHIELD (Handicap Matchplay) Final: Pete Rees vs Papa George Winner: Pete Rees 21:8 MURRAY JOHNSON CUP Pete Rees vs Nuno Pinho Winner: Pete Rees 21:19 SILVER FOX TROPHY Winner: Gordon Swire Runners up: Nuno Pinho & Pete Rees BBC DOUBLES Winner: Pete & Venina Rees Runners up: Maggie Bell & Jeremy Fordham PAIRS CUP Winners: John Stutfield & Luke Papa nicola Runners up: Neale Freeland with Jeremy Fordham & Brian Coles, and Ginnette Grimes with Simon Danciger & Maggie Bell. LADIES CUP Winner: Christine Nicholas Runner up: Venina Rees
BBC CUP (Scratch Matchplay) BBC SHIELD (Handicap Matchplay) SILVER FOX TROPHY All members with a Minus 6 Handicap Saturday 9 September BBC DOUBLES PAIRS CUP Winners: Venina Rees & Judith Heaton Runners up: Catherine Mitrenas & Luke Papanicola CHALLENGER CUP New members and those with a Plus Handicap Saturday 19 August   LADIES CUP Winner: Venina Rees Runner up: Judith Heaton MANSER MATCHES Complete by 30 September COMPETITION DAY START TIMES @ 1.00 PM
Pairs Cup 2017
Ladies Day 2017